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Porch Swing Selection and Installation Made Easy!

Porch Swing Selection and Installation Made Easy!

Updated: 05/14/2023

Who doesn’t like a good porch swing?

The weather outside is nice, but your porch is looking a litte...COLD and uninviting. What to do? I know the feeling…we had a concrete “island effect” going on for years, as seen below. Are you looking to transform an area of your porch, but don’t know where to start, and don’t know what is involved?

old red house front porch my old house fix

So why not add a beautiful porch swing?


If you have an Old House, chances are your porch already had a swing installed at some point within the last 100 years! Additionally, everyone needs a place to lounge and relax in between the work week, and work around the house. Am I right?


old house front porch with swing

So let’s do it! Here are the FOUR steps to get you started with a new porch swing and don’t forget to check out the video below and the BEFORE and AFTER at the end!

Finding a Good Porch Swing

Types of Porch Swings

The selections here are almost endless! From materials to styles, there are many options to choose from whether you are on a budget, or want the Taj Mahal of porch swings! Oh yeah!!!

Wood Swings (many species to choose from)

wooden front porch swing with ropes

classic wooden front porch swing

rollback wooden front porch swing

Painted Swings

painted front porch swing with ropes

Wicker Swings

wicker front porch swing

Wrought Iron Swings

wrought iron porch swing

Recycled Plastic

recycled plastic front porch swing

Budget Swings

budget wooden front porch swing

... and many more!


The Porch Swing Company is one of many online resources where you can find a quality porch swing. Ours pictured, is the “Amish Heavy Duty Rollback”, 5 ft, with up to 700 lb capacity. They start at only $284.00.

front porch of an old house with wooden swing installedCenterville Amish Heavy Duty Roll Back Swing

Styles of Porch Swings

So you just want a porch swing, right? Well, there are many styles to choose from, so, if you are picky, it might not be a simple, or quick purchase. Some of the most popular and stylish porch swings are:


 amish wooden front porch swing


classic wooden front porch swing with ropes


highback wooden front porch swing


amish rollback wooden front porch swing


Swing Beds

front porch swing bed with ropes

...and many more!


Porch Swing Sizes

Porch swings are available in many different sizes (depending on manufacturer), so you should be able to accommodate any outdoor living space with the proper size porch swing. Common sizes (width) are:

  • 2 Foot Swings

  • 3 Foot Swings

  • 4 Foot Swings

  • 5 Foot Swings

  • 6 Foot Swing

  • 7 Foot Swings

NOTE: In situations where overhead support is minimal, a wider swing (wider mounting points) will distribute the load out toward the edges (less stress), rather than the middle of the span (more stress).   

Porch Swing Options

Just like car options, porch swings have many, many different options, which allow you to customize your swing to your exact specifications. Some options include:

porch swing and rope bed hanging ropePorch Swing Mounting Rope

porch swing chain kit for installationChain Kits

porch swing confort kit install hardwareComfort Kit – hanging hardware, hooks, PLUS “comfort springs”

Comfort Kit – hanging hardware, hooks, PLUS “comfort springs”

porch swing stainless steel hardwareOptional Stainless Steel Hardware - minimize rust and corrosion

Porch Swing Accessories

Protect Your New Porch Swing

Exterior Finish

So now that you have a new porch swing, it is a good idea to protect your investment, especially if you buy it “unfinished”. At a minimum, apply at least 3 coats of exterior polyurethane or equivalent, before assembly.

Ours arrived with only a “honey” colored wiping stain applied. No sealer! So we did the following, to ensure it will last a long time, outside in the elements:

  • Added a wiping stain to achieve a color match to our existing house colors (storm windows/porch ceiling.

  • 3 coats of Sikkens CETOL Door and Window Clear Satin wood finish. 

  • Then assembled the porch swing per the manufacturer’s instructions (back, sides, chains, etc).

new wooden porch swing installed


  • Store your porch swing away in a garage, basement, or utility building, to protect it in winter months.

  • Proper care and storage in the “off season” will make your swing last for a long time!

Installing a Porch Swing

Swing Mounting Location

Before mounting your swing, you want to make sure that the location is sufficient and safe to handle the added weight load. Caution: Always install any porch swing per the manufacturer’s specifications and installation instructions.  Prep the ceiling:

  • Locate the ceiling joists – assess direction in which they run (see video below). Assess ceiling joist condition and size (2×4, 2×6, etc).

  • Assess swing mounting hardware locations (new and/or old) – space out per manufacturer’s instructions.

TIP: Overhead swing mounts are usually placed 2-4 inches wider that the overall swing width. This adds stability and decreases chain interference along the sides, as it swings forward and backward. 

  • Reinforce mounting locations as needed (see video below). Or, if ceiling is replaced or planned for repairs, that is a good time to reinforce the ceiling joist(s) for the added swing weight.

  • Locate the CENTER of the ceiling joist or support (this is very important).

  • In the video we used the ProFinder 6000+ Stud Finder. Unlike others, it can scan up to 2 inches deep, and it’s also great for plaster walls! Check out the “Cool Fix Tools page” for an additional demo and more info!

stud finder used to find ceiling joist for porch swing install

  • Drill a pilot hole to prevent wood splitting, and mount the hanging brackets with proper sized screws/bolts, per manufacturer’s specifications.

porch swing mounting hardware

  • Attach and adjust porch swing chains/ropes to your preferred height.

porch swing install hardware

  • Don’t forget to attach “safety chains” (usually sold separately) when using springs or a “comfort kit” – (see video).


NOTE: In situations where overhead support is minimal, a wider swing (wider mounting points) will distribute the load out toward the edges (less stress), rather than the middle of the span (more stress). 


Porch Swing Installation Video

Enjoy Your New Swing

Well, that concludes this short guide on how to select and install a new porch swing. Sit back, relax, pour your favorite drink, and enjoy your new swing! DOn't forget to catch the BEFORE & AFTER pics below! The space was really transformed! 

front porch swing installed with hardware and chains

front porch swing installed with hardware and chains

Porch Swing - Before & After


Pld house front porch before swing install


Pld house front porch after swing install

Have a favorite porch swing or in the process of installing one? Share your experience with us over on the My Old House“Fix” Facebook Group!


Best of luck, and keep on Fixing!   

Christopher Hewett My Old House Fix

For more info visit:  www.myoldhousefix.com

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