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Christopher Hewett, PMP

Project Manager  |  Old House Expert  |  Historic Preservationist

Hi, I’m Chris Hewett and I started ‘My Old House Fix’ in 2018. I love old houses! I bought my old house in Michigan 14 years ago, an 1890 Folk Victorian house in Ann Arbor’s Old West Side Historic District, which I’ve been working on ever since. Like many people, I knew nothing about Old Houses when I became an Old House homeowner, so what did I get myself into? I remember vividly standing, with keys in hand, in the damp, musty, asbestos covered basement of my old house… CLUELESS. At the time I thought to myself, I’m not a professional carpenter, plumber, or electrician! “I can’t do this”! Sounds familiar???

Chris Hewett My Old House Fix

Through restoring my own old house over the years, I have learned house restoration trades from the ground up – literally from the foundations to the roof! I'm a Project Manager by trade so planning, rolling out and completing projects is my thing! I began to reflect on my own personal struggles as an Old House homeowner and my professional knowledge of how projects can be managed effectively. I realized that there are very large gaps in knowledge between homeowners, businesses, and trades. For instance, resources and information on how to approach old house restorations are spread far and wide on the internet… and everywhere else! Who hasn’t searched the internet high and low for an Old House resource to no avail, or found conflicting advice on what to do?


So, I started to think, wouldn't it be great if there was a hub with vast amounts of information on Old Houses. A Directory of vetted businesses that support Old House homeowners a prospective Old House buyers? I began to sketch out ideas for a New Community Website where you could have all the information you need to hand on how to manage your Old House repairs or restorations, and resources for prospective Old House buyers on what to consider and how to find their Dream Old House. I believe that life-long learning and learning from one another are important, and wanted the New Website to enable the Old House Community to come together to support and learn from one another.

I started talking to Old House homeowners, business owners and people working in the trades to find out what type of Directory/ Membership resource they needed. Additionally, through the topics raised in the My Old House Fix Facebook Group (which brings together over 37,000 Old House Enthusiasts, Service Providers and Experts) and surveying our audiences, it became clear that a Community and Directory would serve everyone best to connect and bridge the gaps between Old House owners, potential homeowners, specialized businesses, and service providers. 

My Mission is simple -  to help Old House Enthusiasts and Homeowners find the resources they need to maintain, repair, and restore their Old Houses. We connect Professionals and Businesses through our global online Directory and Old House Community   


The result is our new resource website and community of Old House homeowners, enthusiasts, and professionals to inspire you and motivate you on this journey.  I can’t wait for you to join us!


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