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Eco-Strip & My Old House Fix Partnership Announced!

When two pioneering brands come together with a shared mission, it can only result in something special. My Old House Fix is proud to shine the spotlight on our latest partnership with Eco-Strip—the trusted name in safe and efficient paint removal solutions for old houses. Our partnership means we can offer an exclusive discount in our member area!

The charm of an old house is undeniable, and with it comes the responsibility of preserving its history, character, and safety. With Eco-Strip's Speedheater Infrared Paint Removers, stripping away decades of paint becomes an efficient, safe, and eco-friendly task. Gone are the days of fretting over harmful vapors and lead paint. Now, both professionals and DIY enthusiasts can approach paint removal with confidence and the right tools in hand.

We understand the challenges that come with restoring old homes, and it's essential to have partners who share our commitment to quality, safety, and sustainability. With Eco-Strip's line of products, you're not just investing in a tool; you're investing in unmatched quality and durability that stands the test of time.

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Eco-Strip understands the importance of safety and efficiency when it comes to removing layers of Old Paint from your old house. That’s why their Speedheater Infrared Paint Removers are designed with the highest quality standards in mind. Speedheater Infrared Paint Removers are manufactured in Sweden and are built to last. With infrared technology, you can strip paint quickly and safely without worrying about vaporizing the lead paint or varnish. Whether you’re a do-it-yourself enthusiast or a professional painter, Eco-Strip's paint removers will help get the job done faster and easier.

Eco-Strip believes in providing paint stripping solutions that are reliable, efficient, and eco-friendly for all Old House Pros and Enthusiasts. Take the hassle out of paint stripping with Eco-Strip!

Chris' Take

I like Eco-Strip because they provide safe, effective, and eco-friendly paint stripping products for Old House Homeowners, DIY'ers, and restoration/preservation professionals. I was very concerned about stripping lead-based paint and lead-safe practices. Infrared paint stripping is much safer than dry scraping and much safer than heat guns (for fire and lead vaporization).

I have been using Eco-Strip's paint stripping tools for over 10 years now - stripping the entire exterior of our house, doors, interior trim, floors...just about the whole house! My favorites are the paint strippers, scrapers, and accessories. I love them so much that I also invented a "hands-free" accessory that allows you to heat the work surface simultaneously, while you scrape.

Paint Stripping is hard, and it is hard on your tools. I like Eco-Strip and their Speedheater tools because they are not cheaply built tools that you just buy and throw away into our landfills.They are fully repairable, and Eco-Strip even has a repair center for all your Speedheater maintenance and repair needs.

-Chris, Founder of My Old House Fix

"We love old houses because they're not just old buildings...

They're time capsules of history and stories

waiting to be uncovered and retold through restoration."

More than a just partnership

Chris loved Eco-Strips Infrared Paint Removers so much, he created an accessory for them—the Infrared Rack Kit to strip paint 50% faster. The kit includes:

  • InfraRed Rack Assembly™
  • InfraRed Rail System™ Data
  • InfraRed Rack Kit™ Tutorials

... Check out the details & demo to see it in action!