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InfraRed Rack Kit

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Maximize the Effectiveness of Your Infrared Paint Stripper 

with the InfraRed Rack Kit™ ! 

The ULTIMATE companion for your InfraRed Paint Stripper! 

You can now Strip paint 50% faster,

 50% more efficient, 

 and with less set-up time!

Hand-held Infrared Paint Strippers get heavy in a hurry, am I right?


Additionally, they spend 50% of the time on, sitting idle, and just hanging there while you are scraping. To make matters worse, it’s difficult, if not impossible to have one set-up that covers the entire work area, fast and efficiently!


What if you could have your Infrared Paint Stripper simultaneously heating for you…while you scrape, and access nearly the entire work surface/area from one initial setup? 

Introducing the InfraRed Rack Kit™ 

exclusively from My Old House”Fix” 

 InfraRed Rack Assembly™ + InfraRed Rail System™ Data 

InfraRed Rack Assembly™ 

A custom, quick-adjusting bracket assembly that holds your Infrared Paint Stripper and allows super-fast vertical adjustments.

InfraRed Rail System™ Data

A special Rail System that holds the InfraRed Rack Assembly and allows super-fast horizontal adjustments. You will purchase online/locally based on the technical data and the online shopping list provided (quick links). 

InfraRed Rack Kit™ Tutorials

A Parts Manual, Operator Manual, and video tutorials are also provided to walk you through the easy steps from online/local purchase, to assembly and operation. 

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Your InfraRed Rack Kit™ price: 


*plus tax, shipping and Online/ Local Purchase

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What Makes the InfraRed Rack Kit™ Different From Other Accessories/Kits?

The InfraRed Rack Kit™ is efficient, with minimal setup required. 

Hands-free heating while you scrape = 50% less tool downtime! 


Hands-free heating extends your scraping time. 

Quick and easy vertical lock, release, and adjustments.

Durable, heavy-duty construction. Built to last - no plastic parts!

No plastic parts!

Fully customizable to your needs (length and height). 

Accommodates multiple infrared paint strippers for larger jobs/work crews. 

Integrated magnetic scraper “caddy” – to hang additional scrapers while idle.

Why Choose InfraRed Rack Kit™?

If you have a large vertical work area in which you are stripping paint (exterior walls, trim, house, garage, interior trim, wainscoting, etc), the Infrared Rack Kit WILL save you TIME, LABOR, and MONEY! The result, is a very FAST return on investment! 

Paint Demo


 Minimizes set-up time and effort! Install the InfraRed Rail System™ to the highest point and forget it! 

 No additional moves, mounting equipment, or parts to deal with! Strip paint 50% faster with less worker fatigue. 

 No wasted time on “re-heating” – one pass paint removal in most cases. 

✓ Super-fast, instant adjustments, on-the-move - horizontally and vertically.

 Avoid “clumsy” plastic tightening knobs and levers that are prone to break.

✓ Tool built to last and engineered for repair, not replace. No plastic parts!

✓ Allows you to experience maximum work area reach efficiency, and nearly total work area coverage (vertical and horizontal), from the initial setup.

✓ If you have a crew of 2 or a crew of 10, you can run as many Infrared Paint Strippers as needed, that will fit within the length of rail that you choose.

 Includes an integrated magnetic scraper “caddy”, making it comfortable and convenient to store and swap between multiple scrapers while on the job.

 Fully customizable! Buy only what you need - rails, rod, and rollers.

 Competitively priced. Save time, labor, and money!

The InfraRed Rack Kit™ – $149.

InfraRed Rack™ Assembly (MOHF) + InfraRed Rail System™ Data (local purchase) 

Includes the InfraRed Rack™ Assembly.

Custom bracket that holds your Infrared Paint Stripper and allows super-fast vertical adjustments. Exclusively from My Old House Fix. 

Includes all the technical data for the InfraRed Rail System™. 

This is a online/local purchase (delivered to your door or local pickup to save markup/shipping).

The InfraRed Rail System holds the InfraRed Rack Assembly and allows super-fast horizontal adjustments. 

Detailed Parts Manual (pdf).

CLICK & GO! Quick online link shopping list for the Rail System, parts diagrams, multiple sources to buy, sample pricing, and more.

Detailed Operation and Setup Manual (pdf).

Assembly, Setup, Operator Manual from start to finish.

Assembly, Setup, and Operation video tutorials (walks you through every step and through both Manuals). The last video includes the InfraRed Rack Kit™ paint stripping demo. 


What is my Investment?

Your InfraRed Rack Kit™ price: $149.00*plus tax, shipping and Online/Local Purchase 


With all the InfraRed Rail System™ technical data, InfraRed Rack™ Assembly, technical manuals, and video tutorials). Use Coupon code 'FIX10" for $10 Off


For the InfraRed Rack™ Assembly 


As low as $85-95.00*. 

This is a local/online purchase with our quick shopping list/links. Customize it with full control over what you buy, based on what you actually need!  

 * Local and regional prices and Free Shipping may vary.

Get your Infrared Rack Kit Today!


*plus tax, shipping and Local Purchase.







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