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Posted 06/19/2023 in HOUSE MOVERS

Electric Stair Climbing Dolly


Electric Stair Climbing Dolly. 

This powered stair climbing dolly is perfect solution for moving heavy items up or down stairs in your Old House. It's great for cast iron radiators, furniture, appliances, and much more. 

  • Heavy Duty Folding Stair Climber with 441 lb capacity. 

  • Cart and Hand Trolley with 6 Wheels. 

  • Motor is Battery Powered.

  • Stair Climbing Truck:The main use of high-rise building stair stretcher transfer of patient/product up and down stairs, one person can operate; A unique track str it is powered by a removable 24V lithium battery and has a battery life 3-4 hours; low energy consumption and fast charging. Is your good partner for moving work.
  • 441LBS Heavy Load: The stair climbing truck provides a large storage space of 27.6"L x 21.7"W x 69.7"H that can accommodate more goods, and the maximum load-bearing load of 441 pounds can transport heavy goods such as refrigerators, TVs, and air conditioners. It comes with a 49.3" seat belt can help you fix the goods to prevent falling down.
  • Easy to Operate: The functions of the heavy-duty hand truck control panel are clear at a glance. Turn on the power and press the up or down button to easily control the moving stairs. When the battery is dead, you can rotate it to the left (counterclockwise) to remove the battery from the cart. After it is fully charged, rotate it to the right (clockwise) to put the battery back on the cart.
  • Anti-slip Crawler : Crawler design makes it more stable when going up and down. And there is no requirement for the height of the steps and the slope of the stairs A unique track structure, The angle between the track and the machine can be adjusted according to the steepness of the stairs, and the maximum adjustment angle does not exceed 30°.
  • Premium Rubber Wheels: The stair climbing truck is equipped with 6 rubber wheels for easy movement. The 4 universal wheels can rotate 360°, providing excellent maneuverability and stability when transporting heavy objects on flat ground, and is quiet and smooth. The heavy-duty rear wheels are equipped with safety locks, which can be well fixed on the ground.

Powered Stair Climbing Dolly Video

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