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Posted 02/10/2024 in PUBLICATIONS

My Old House Fix Journal | A Homeowners Historical Guide

My Old House Fix

My Old House Fix Journal

* Three different cover designs to choose from.

* Hardcover OR Paperback.

* Your choice of color print or black and white print on cream paper.

My Old House Fix Journal is a curated and special guide to help you chronicle the amazing history and uniqueness that is your Old House.

We are all caretakers for a brief moment in time, so this journal serves as a reference document and historical record for your Old House journey and for future Caretakers / Homeowners who will follow in your footsteps, one day.

Ever wonder why your house is the way it is? Who lived in your house during its lifetime? Why certain things were done, and when? What paint colors or finishes were used, so you can keep the same finishes?

Get to know your Old House just a little bit better while passing on its unique character, history, and records. This Journal will cement your legacy by ensuring that this valuable historical information and documentation is not lost to time.

This Old House Journal will allow you to document EVERYTHING - past, present, and future. From past owner's family info, paint colors and wood finishes, to trim and unique defining features and additions, this Old House Journal has you covered from room to room...and basement to attic! We even left PLENTY of extra pages and sections for expansion, pictures, clippings, floor plans, notes, and all your Old House stories! We even included a section that shows you how to use this Journal, and WITH examples.

Get your copy today in paperback, hardcover, color print, or black & white. There are also THREE different covers to choose from.


Journal Info:

Black, Brown, or Wallpaper Covers -  Paperback or Hardcover

Color Print or Black & White Print

Pages - 168

Size - 8.5" x 11"

(C) 2024 My Old House Fix


Table of Contents


 House Information


 Style / Type



 Names / Dates




 History / Additions / Deletions








 Other, etc


 Heating / Air Conditioning / Water / Electrical


 Stories / Finds / Strange / Odd / Paranormal


 How to Use This Journal / Samples / Examples

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